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Sencha green tea pronounced “sen-chu” is the name of the most common of all Japanese green teas. Its name essentially means “common tea” and is found in most Japanese households. Sencha has a very light bitter taste along with a slight sweetness. Lower quality Sencha tea is called Bancha. Over seventy five percent of all tea grown and harvested on Japanese tea plantations is Sencha. This green tea is a favourite because of its sharpness and fresh qualities harmonized by a leaf of high consistency and deep emerald tint.

Sencha is the most widespread kind of green tea grown in Japan. It is made from the juvenile leaves of exposed plants. Over three quarters of all tea produced in Japanese tea gardens is Sencha green tea. The higher grades of Sencha are extensively available both in and outside of the borders of Japan. You can find Sencha in other countries like China. The majority of the Sencha grown in China is grown in particular for export to Japan because of its high popularity and demand.

This green tea is made of tightly rolled needle-shaped leaves. It is collected in early spring after the leaves have developed their equilibrium of sweetness and astringency. True Sencha green tea is different in character from most Chinese-style green teas not only with its smooth dark green look but its higher green notes compared to nuttier vegetal notes. It goes well with seafood and is wonderful with chocolate.

Sencha green tea aids in detoxifying the body regulates your blood sugar and promotes healthy teeth skin and bones.

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