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Calendula tea has been quite known especially to American physicists applying the Herb to treat bruises cuts and minor skin infections. Also called ‘marigold’ the calendula is an orange or yellow-coloured flower typically found in northern Mediterranean countries. Calendula has a tendency to bloom once a month or every new moon.

The calendula is typically used in households as flavouring and colouring agent for such foods as cereals rice and soups. Calendula has the following components: calendulin beta-carotene other carotenoids isoquercitrin narcissin rutin amyrin lupeol sterols and volatile oils. The calendula flowers also contain complex polysaccharides with immunostimulant properties.
Calendula Tea is made by steeping dried calendula flowers in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Some of the health benefits attributed to calendula tea are the following:

  • Calendula Tea is thought to be an anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial.
  • Calendula Tea is also thought to be immuno-stimulant.
  • Calendula Tea may be helpful in ear infections.
  • Calendula Tea or washes may help in treatment of conjunctivitis.
  • Calendula Tea may help stimulate the production of collagen.
  • Calendula Tea may be gargled to help relieve sore throat and inflammations of the mouth.
  • Calendula Tea may help detoxify the body after an operation.
  • Calendula Tea may be beneficial to those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. Calendula may protect the stomach and intestine linings of the stomach and intestines by inhibiting the prostaglandin E1 (PGE).

Calendula Tea also may help limit the effects the bacteria associated with gastritis peptic ulcers and stomach cancer.

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